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Who We Are

Saltworks is a Utah web design / development company, and digital marketing agency.

We create engaging online experiences that are both meaningful for the consumer and profitable for your brand. We’d love to meet with you and learn more about your brand.

Your Website Has 3 Seconds To Prove Its Relevance

A large percentage of websites fail the 3-second test, resulting in a high bounce rate and a disappointing return on investment (ROI). That’s why we live by following mantra:

Before your website can be profitable for your company…


We can develop an engaging homepage with a compelling message that makes visitors want to learn more and continue the experience by visiting additional pages.

Is your website delivering the business it should? If not, give us a call. We can help.

Client Reviews

“We love the new responsive websites Saltworks developed for us! We’ve had many positive comments from our customers and our business partners. Plus, the illustrations Saltworks created for the Glass Recycling Process page really helped bring that process to life by making the page highly engaging and interactive.

I definitely recommend Saltworks to any business that needs expert web development or digital marketing.

John LairPresident & CEO, Momentum Recycling

“Doug and his team at Saltworks are trusted partners who are terrific with client communication, on time delivery, and finished products that always exceed our expectations.

We’re so grateful to have Saltworks in our arsenal of secret weapons to help make our clients shine.”

Burke AllenOwner, Allen Media Strategies

“Saltworks was so great to work with, they took a basic idea and made it reality with a very quick turnaround. They were very flexible and willing to make changes. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Morgan BowermanResource Recovery Specialist, Momentum Recycling

“Working with Saltworks means working with a team of marketing and design professionals who really care about your company.”

Jessi OlsenManager, Educational Advantage

“Saltworks’ efforts go way beyond that of an ad agency or creative vendor. They’re trusted business partners that I can rely on to make me look good!”

Brady EllisComposer
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