Is Your Website HTTPS-Enabled?

Is Your Website HTTPS-Enabled? If Not, You Could Be Losing Business Due to Chrome’s “Not Secure” Warning Message

Is your website HTTPS-enabled and serving all pages over a secure connection? The answer to this question is crucial to your online success. That’s because beginning with Google Chrome version 68, which was released this month, users will see a “Not secure” message in the address bar when visiting non-HTTPS websites. The impact will be […]


Beginning In July, Google’s Chrome Browser Will Identify Non-HTTPS Websites as “Not Secure”

Is your website secured with a valid SSL certificate and HTTPS? If not, beginning in July, visitors using Chrome version 68 (the latest version of the Chrome browser) will see a worrisome “Not secure” message in the address bar. To avoid this, you’ll need to ensure that you have an SSL certificate properly installed and […]

World Password Day – 7 Tips For Better Password Security

If you think your passwords need to be stronger, you’re not alone. A recent PCMag survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers (conducted at the end of April) shows that 19 percent of people use their name or initials in their passwords, 16 percent use their wedding date, 15% use the name of a family member, and 12% use […]

Saltworks Creates Logo and New Website For Barber ADR

This month Saltworks launched a new website and unveiled a new logo created for Barber ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). Read the Case Study.

Saltworks Completes New Responsive Websites For Momentum Recycling

Saltworks is proud to announce the completion of new, responsive websites for Momentum Recycling. These mobile-friendly sites, one for Momentum’s Utah facility and the other for Momentum’s Colorado facility (coming in 2016), leverage responsive design and user-friendly navigation. Each site’s homepage features a scenic backdrop of a local mountain range – Utah’s site features a shot […]