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Is Your Company Using Threads Yet?

We wanted to share some exciting news about the new social media platform Threads, which was introduced by Meta, the parent company of Instagram, last week. Threads is a text-based conversation app that aims to offer an alternative to Twitter. It’s easy to sign up, and you can use your current Instagram credentials. It will […]

Saltworks Presses Pause on Twitter, Recommends Clients Do The Same

Over the past month, we’ve become increasingly concerned about changes at Twitter. Most concerning is the modification to the blue-check-mark system. For many years, the blue-check-mark served as a way to verify the identity of companies/brands on the platform. Since November 9, 2022, when Twitter reduced the requirements to be awarded a blue-check-mark from validating […]

The 7 Website Passwords That Are Mission-Critical To Your Business

Far too few business owners or managers have quick access to these important digital assets Recently, we took on a client who is the widow of a well-known 1960’s TV star. For several decades, she managed the website (on a domain bearing her husband’s name) selling merchandise related to the character her husband played on […]