3 Keys To Making The Perfect Customer Video Testimonial Using Your iPhone

3 Keys To Making The Perfect Customer Video Testimonial Using Your iPhone (+ Steal My Script)

Here are 3 tips to getting more powerful customer testimonials for your business. It’s no secret that reviews and testimonials from real customers are valuable. But if you can get a video testimonial from one of your customers, it can be a very effective marketing tool for your business to reach new customers. So here […]

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These 3 Things Will Make Or Break Your Business’ Visibility In Google

When you search for your business in Google, does your listing show up? How about in Google Maps? When you’re trying to get your business showing up when people search on their phones, there are specific things you can do. Your biggest problem with SEO right now is that your business isn’t showing up in […]

COVID-19 & Small Business: What To Do As Coronavirus Impacts Your Bottom Line

Coronavirus is dominating the headlines, and many small business owners are already seeing the effects. According to a study from NFIB released this week, small businesses are experiencing supply chain disruptions and slower sales. Nike, Nordstrom and Macy’s stores announced they will temporarily close in response to the outbreak, along with Deseret Industries locations, ski […]

Is Your Website HTTPS-Enabled?

Is Your Website HTTPS-Enabled? If Not, You Could Be Losing Business Due to Chrome’s “Not Secure” Warning Message

Is your website HTTPS-enabled and serving all pages over a secure connection? The answer to this question is crucial to your online success. That’s because beginning with Google Chrome version 68, which was released this month, users will see a “Not secure” message in the address bar when visiting non-HTTPS websites. The impact will be […]


Beginning In July, Google’s Chrome Browser Will Identify Non-HTTPS Websites as “Not Secure”

Is your website secured with a valid SSL certificate and HTTPS? If not, beginning in July, visitors using Chrome version 68 (the latest version of the Chrome browser) will see a worrisome “Not secure” message in the address bar. To avoid this, you’ll need to ensure that you have an SSL certificate properly installed and […]