Saltworks Completes Work On New Granger Website

Saltworks recently completed work on a new responsive website for Granger School of Music, one of the area’s premiere music schools. Granger helps take students beyond learning a few songs – with an approach that teaches students how to create music of their own. The site’s design created Saltworks accentuates the creative energy that Granger […]

To QR or not to QR. That is the question.

Does your brand use QR codes? How have they worked for you and would you recommend QR codes to other businesses? Please feel free to scroll down and leave your comment. We’d love to hear from you!

How to Talk to Your Customers About the Heartbleed Bug

If your brand has an e-commerce website, you might have experienced a few heart palpitations of your own last week when you found out about the Heartbleed Bug. The lists of sites that have been breached by the bug gets longer each day, making it apparent that it will be a while before the full […]

Coke Brings Heart To The Challenges Of Being Young Parents

This ad ties in perfectly with the everyday lives of young parents. The product becomes a reward for a job well done.