Consistent Content Keeps Consumers Coming Back for More

friends-having-coffeeSocial media can be a tricky business when it comes to engaging an audience. It’s a bit like going on a date and wondering how much or how little to say. You want to make sure that you get that second date and still have new conversation to entertain. Social media works in quite the same way.

As you and your business begin to engage an audience using various social media platforms, it’s important to keep all content up to date. Twitter requires more constant updates than Facebook. Your company website and blog also need to be updated on regular basis. The thing to remember is that you have just entered a marathon and not a sprint.

There is a downside to social media. If you fail to post on a regular basis, clients may assume that you have gone out of business. Even worse, they can get the idea that you just don’t care enough to maintain your online presence. This could lead a potential customer to think that you are too slipshod to be entrusted with his or her business.

Keep in mind that all social media platforms are about being social. Be open and engaging by keeping a running dialog with your customers. Ask for opinions, offer advice, and answer questions as if you were having a personal conversation. Post content that can be shared, be it photos or text. All these things make your customers want to come back to “visit” again.

Consumers love familiarity. Staying consistent on your website and social media platforms will create that familiarity because your customers will see and recognize your brand. We all love to be recognized, especially when it comes to business…and success.