Are Your Customers Aware, Informed, or Convinced?

Lack of relevance – it’s one of the biggest reasons why some marketing communications fall short. If the information you’re presenting to the consumer isn’t the right info at the right time, the consumer won’t engage – and he or she won’t purchase. To know which information about your product will be relevant to consumer, it’s imperative to understand where he or she is along the awareness and purchase cycle continuum.


If the consumer has only developed an awareness of a need, it’s fruitless to present a comprehensive comparison of your product versus the competitors at that point in time. It’s only when the consumer has reached the “consideration/evaluation” stage that such a comparison is relevant.

At Saltworks, we’re pioneering strategies to optimize message relevance through providing the right information at the right time. We can help your brand attract prospective customers and guide them through the process from “Aware” to “Informed” to “Convinced”.

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