Now Hiring: Director of Content Marketing

Director of Content

Saltworks Digital is a Salt Lake City-based digital marketing agency serving clients across North America. We’re hiring for a new role: Director of Content Marketing. This person will:

  • Develop the marketing strategy for Saltworks clients and oversee a team of marketing professionals
  • Ideate and create content across multiple social channels
  • Direct and write specifically crafted copy across various customer touchpoints
  • Engage with social media influencers for collaboration opportunities, if relevant to the company
  • Analyze the impact of each campaign to determine if they are aligned with overall business objectives
  • Conceptualize engaging social media posts
  • Storyboard and supervise the creation of professional video (with pro sound) to create content for key client campaigns
  • Develop documented strategies to build audiences on key social media channels and be able to communicate the strategic plan to Saltworks clients
  • Present monthly analytics reports showing growth and ROI in written in presentation format to Saltworks clients


  • A genuine interest in copywriting and bringing a brand to life through words
  • Strong experience in a role where you can demonstrate examples of content strategies you created, while leading a team
  • A strong track record of successful content campaigns that have led to increased sales and growth
  • Great organizational skills and workflow management to ensure campaigns are delivered on time and within budget
  • A solid understanding of content KPIs
  • The ability to immerse yourself in research to understand our clients’ unique industries and the content that is relevant to their target audiences
  • Willingness to take direction from and collaborate with Executive Creative Director and SEO/Marketing Specialist
  • Excellent communication skills


  • Content conceptualization and SEO copywriting
  • Development of content for various media, including social media, email, website, etc.
  • Presenting monthly analytics reports showing growth and ROI in written and presentation format to Saltworks clients. Report should show detailed metrics including, increase in reach, likes, follows, shares, and other engagements for each channel month over month and month over average.
  • Tracking Social Media and SEO-related KPI’s


  • Ability to write for and manage email marketing campaigns (including cart abandonment and nurture sequence emails)
  • Ability to develop many different types of content including blog posts, guides & listicles, social media post
  • Ability to configure email automations in ActiveCampaign and MailChimp
  • Social media audience engagement and audience building
  • Social media reporting and analytics
  • Detail-oriented and a mastery of proper spelling and grammar


MUST submit a resume via PDF or website link to be considered

To apply, email Doug Burton at

Posted: October 1, 2023