Website Mistake #2 – Forgetting Security & Backup Protocols

Here’s an excerpt from our white paper “10 Costly Website Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them):

Every day, thousands of Brute Force and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks threaten websites of companies both large and small. Don’t assume that your web development firm is handling all aspects of securing your site and your data. Some smaller firms may either gloss over the importance of security and backups or they may assume that your in-house webmaster will be handling these tasks.

Before you hire a web development firm or digital marketing agency, ask them to detail precisely how your site will be protected against cyber attacks and hacking, and (if they’re providing a maintenance plan for you) what the response protocol would be if an attack is ever successful. Without a rock-solid system in place to thwart cyber attacks and to back up your website and your site’s data daily, you risk losing tens of thousands of dollars and, even worse, the loss of credibility with your customers.

To download the entire white paper, click here.


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