Website Mistake #5 – Building Without A Social Media Strategy

icon-socialmediaHere’s an excerpt from our white paper “10 Costly Website Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them):

A website is just one component of an effective online communications strategy. Once you have clear plan for how customers and prospective customers will be engaging with your brand via social media, you can then design your website in light of that information. This will impact everything from home page design to the site’s navigation.

Remember, in most cases social media should be driving traffic to your website, not the other way around. Once you get the consumer to your website, capitalize on that engagement to present more detailed product information, special offers, and reasons to return. Just as with SEO strategy, your social media strategy will help dictate your site structure, placement of content, length of copy, and the call to action.

To download the entire white paper, click here.


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