The 10 Skills Needed to Build an Effective Website

By Doug Burton

Project ManagementSkill #7 – Project Management

Development of a website for your brand or company requires an investment of time from you (and/or your in-house team) to provide assets, collaboration, feedback, and approvals. There are monetary and opportunity costs associated with that time. What is twenty hours of your time worth? What about a hundred hours? It’s the job of the project manager to reduce the amount of time you and your team need to invest by tracking the progress of the project, maintaining a list of needed assets, tracking action items, and ensuring that all work stays on schedule and under budget. A firm that excels in project management can save you thousands of dollars of your time.

Project ManagementA good Project Manager should also be the chief Quality Assurance (QA) officer. You shouldn’t have to waste your time testing how your website looks on mobile or checking to ensure that a color used in the design matches what’s prescribed in your brand style guide. A good project manager works to identify and correct such issues before the website or ad campaign is submitted for your review.

Solid project management saves both you and your development firm time and money

Does it cost more to hire a firm with solid project management skills? Not as much as you might imagine. This is because having good project management also saves the development firm money by enabling the firm to efficiently allocate employee time and resources.